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September 2014

Statistics, formats, options and prices for advertising.

User characteristics

From the facebook-profiles following our facebook-site - and reader-contact, history etc. - we know the users primarily are soldiers (active/former), their relatives and other defence interested persons. According to Facebook statistics (based on more than thousand followers) 60% are males in the age 25-54. Our twitter-account are followed by the press, decisionmakers (MP's) and scientists.


Source: Google Analytics.



Top: "Megaboard" 930x180 pixels, 3.200 DKK. Up to three ads can be placed here. When entering or refreshing the frontpage a random choice will decide which ad to be shown. (Note: We can at a later time change this to rotating among four ads without notice.)

Center: 400xFREE, where FREE is a height of your choice. Position: Between first and second article appetizer. In case of small heights more ads can be placed here (all shown simultaneously). 8 DKK per FREE pixel. (Ex.: Height 200 means 200*8 DKK = 1.600 DKK.)

Right column: "Wide skyscraber" 160x600 pixels.
     - Upper: 2.500 DKK.
     - Lower: 1.900 DKK.


All pages (articles) belong to one of four sections (see the main menu).
     A page have four columns: Menu, ads (and more), article list, article. The current page is an example. In the Ads column the format is "Wide skyscraber" 160x600 pixels.
     The ad in a section along with all articles in that section. By advertising in a section you can do a better targeting.

Option 1: Prices for the uppermost ad are:
     - Indland (Domestic): 2.000 DKK.
     - Udland (Abroad): 1.500 DKK.
     - Artilleri (Artillery): 2.000 DKK.
     - Historie (History): 1.200 DKK.

Option 2: The lower ad (same format, just below the upper ad) costs 75% of the upper ad.

Option 3: Below each article (in a section): Format 300x250 pixels, 75% of the upper ad.

Please note

If you have other needs we are open for ideas.
     All prices are in DKK, per month and excluding VAT.
     Payment: Quarterly in advance unless otherwise agreed.


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